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Where are you products made

All our products are made in Hong Kong.

What Do We Do?

老华桥 brings old recipes from the generation of chefs that had left Hong Kong for greener pastures before the city of Hong Kong had modernised.

Today people of Hong Kong have to put up with mediocre food with mediocre service at expensive prices due to high rents and lack of passion.

We have gathered many of those chefs that have now retired and pass on their hard fought knowledge and innovation to you in the form of their products to give you the real taste of Hong Kong.

You will be pleasantly surprised how good things use to be!

Why Do We Do It?

Some of these chefs are not enjoying the retirement that their hard work should have paid for, be it due to expensive medical expenses or a poor financial position. 

Many had devoted their lives to their craft and have not got the retirement they deserve, in some cases some of these chefs are still working  at over 70 years old to make ends meet.

One of our priorities is to help support them and help create awareness of the value of their craft, and contribute profits in helping those chefs that have fallen on hard times.

Many of these 老华桥 (Overseas Chinese) have never been on holiday in their life and have never known the world outside the kitchen, they worked for the future of their children.

The future should now work for them.