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Eat it your way. 
Our families moved overseas in 1980's and most of them were chefs working in restaurants.
They took their culinary skills with them and increased the respect for the chefs skills.
After a few decades, most retired to Hong Kong and slowly their skills were being to be lost in the mists of time.
The paradise of food as Hong Kong once known, as the chefs of old retire there are few that are willing to take up the mantle.
Many of these chefs had developed new flavours and dishes that were never in Hong Kong and had adapted their skillset,
we aim to pass whats left to the next generation of culinary artisans.


D2 Place Lai Chi Kok 28/9 - 29/9 weekend market


We've heard you, we have had many requests to create a channel to show you recipes that you can make at home.

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